What is Inbound Marketing?

We all know how marketing kind of works but do we know how Inbound Marketing works and what it actually is. By the end of this blog post you will know actually what it is and how in can benefit your business marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing is a different type of digital marketing by you offering helpful information to your current or future prospects by helping them with their current needs or anticipating their future issues by educating them as much as possible.

The plan with Inbound Marketing is that you establish trust with your prospective clients/buyers by solving their issues. When people search there are looking for answers to questions and this where with inbound you answer them with educational, entertaining content.

By doing this you are building trust in your brand which then brings these prospects in to customers because you’re in an expert in your field.

Inbound Marketing is split in to four actions which are classed as Inbound Methodology and they are:

  • Attract
  • Covert
  • Close
  • Delight

Attract Stage

When it comes to traffic to your website we just don’t want any traffic we want the right kind of traffic. We want people coming to your site that are interested in your service/product and will more likely become a lead/customer. The ideal customer is known as ‘buyer personas’ this means what your customers are like inside and out. When working out buyer personas you are considering age, gender, goals, challenges, interests and common objectives.

To attract the right users to the website we use these methods:

  • Blogging
  • SEO – Keywords & Content
  • Social Publishing

Convert Stage

The next stage once you have attracted these visitors to the website is to convert them by gathering their contact information with the main objective being an email address. Having contact information is important for an online marketer so we can target these users with important information. For the user to give you their email address you need to give them something in return. That comes in the form of content such as eBooks, whitepapers, hints and tips. This information all depends on the type of personas you are targeting.

The ways to convert your audience are:

  • Forms
  • Call-to-Action
  • Landing Pages

Close Stage

We have attracted the right visitors and have now converted them in to leads. The next step is making them in to a customer. The idea of this is that you are giving them the right content at the right time with your research in to their persona. For this you need the right tools which are:

  • CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • Reporting

Delight Stage

With Inbound marketing it is all about creating extremely great content to your users, whether they are visitors, leads or existing customers. Inbound companies continue to engage with existing customers to hopefully up sell other products/services and promote the brand.

The ways to do this is via

  • Surveys
  • Smart Content
  • Social Monitoring


This is an overall view on inbound marketing but over the future weeks we will break down each section to give you an idea on how it all works effectively.

What to know more about inbound marketing for your business website, then please talk to us on 0115 921 4636 or through our contact form.

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