Our Pitch reflects the core values of ISD

These are our core values here at Internet Sales Drive, our PITCH!


We believe in making things happen, not waiting for them to happen! We are continually trying to think of ways to get our clients the best results in their digital marketing campaigns. We keep a close eye on all advances in our field to make sure we are on top of our game, providing you with the best service possible.


We are proud of our team for many reasons, one of these being because they are so creative, innovative and resourceful. We don’t simply do SEO by the book, but instead we think of new, inventive ways we can help our clients succeed. We treat all of our clients as individuals, bringing fresh, practical and inspired ideas to the table that will genuinely enhance your digital marketing campaign.


We are a no frills, no nonsense company. We don’t believe in promising you unachievable, unrealistic results that we know are out of reach. Instead we set out a clear, straight forward plan with all of our clients in order to achieve realistic, sensible and attainable goals. We’re not in the business of misleading you. We want our clients to succeed online and consider your success to be our success.


We know we’re good at what we do. We are fully confident in delivering results, so much so that we never tie our clients into contracts! We let the results do the talking and if you are happy with the progress we can continue our relationship on a month by month basis. It’s just like ‘Pay as You Go’ marketing.


“I have chosen to be HAPPY, because it’s good for my health” – Voltaire

Here at ISD we believe there’s very little to gain from being miserable, which is why we’re not. You will always be greeted with a smiley face and a cheery hello, because being unhappy and miserable just isn’t us.

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