Cyber Monday - What, When & Why

Cyber Monday in the US or Mega Monday in the UK is a marketing term for the busiest internet shopping day of the year. In the US it follows Thanksgivng on the Thursday and Black Friday and takes place on the Monday. This year the 2nd of December is the day.

The term was created by marketing companies in 2005 to persuade people to shop online and has grown every year since. With the increase in smartphones and tablets this year this again should be more profitable than last year.

Last Year - 2012

Last year across the UK, Visa estimated £10,000 was spent online every second, an increase of 30% on 2011. Visa this year are expecting sales online to be over 1.3 Billion. Visa expect their customers alone spending £450m, £312,500 every minute, or £5,208 every second. Visa said that they accounted for over £1 in every £3 spent in the UK.

Amazon expects to beat the 3.5million sales it made on Cyber Monday 2012, when it shifted 41 gifts per second. Amazon is hiring 15,000 temporary staff to cope with the Cyber Monday sales rush.

Last year Marks & Spencer had recruited extra 800 workers at its distribution centres and doubled the number of employees in its ecommerce call centre. Argos was expecting 300,000 Christmas gifts to be processed and dispatched to its regional distribution centres on the Monday but by the end of the day the total hit 360,000.

Smartphones & Tablets

Thanks to smartphones and tablets the sales frenzy will peak at 6pm, says Amazon vice president of EU Retail Xavier Garambois, ‘Our research indicates that people will use their commute home to get a head start on their shopping,’ he said.

John Lewis has seen mobile orders increase by 114% since last year and 42% of its online traffic comes from smartphones and tablets.

Is Your Website Ready?

As this is going to be the busiest day online shopping day you need to get your web strategy in place, realistically this should have been done months ago but if not it is still not too late to make an impact online on the 2nd December 2013.

Ideally you would need a good SEO and Social media strategy and have this presence ready to target your audience, but you can fall back on to pay-per-click via Google Adwords to get traffic to your site. Doing this would get your site and products out there to your target audience on the busiest day of the year and then converting these with offers meaning an exciting day for your business.

So ask yourself are you ready for Cyber/Mega Monday this year?