We went to Sunny Brighton on Friday for Brighton SEO Conference April 2013 and we would like to share our notes with you.

Session One

Tim Grice – Why You Have To Integrate SEO

  • Combine many tools for a proper overview of links like Google Webmaster Tools, Majestic and Open Site Explorer
  • Google Webmaster Tools does not show full amount of links
  • News strategy. Find news stories related to the industry and get opinions from your client and leading authorities
  • Create links that will get traffic,
  • Blog post on relevant websites.

Ade Lewis – WTF Is SEO

  • Rankings is not the only one goal
  • Others are traffic, conversions, engagement and revenue
  • Engage with users
  • Focus on people
  • Answer the search term

Pete Wailes – The Link Is Dead, Long Live The Link

  • Find the target audience and connect the brand
  • Work on brand terms
  • What defines your company? Ask the questions of the company?
  • Research the story and person that you are aiming to target

Session Two

Hannah Smith – Go Big Or Go Home

  • 40 hours or more to create big content plus outreach
  • Check Google trends for branding
  • Prove yourself to get more money from client
  • Do it consistently
  • Content to support the brands positioning
  • Evergreen content is easier
  • Use your best idea for content first
  • Set benchmarks for each content
  • Outreach via guest posts, email

Jeff White – How to Pitch Journalists

  • Tough competition for TV news
  • Images are good for news, tells a story
  • Pick a story that is attractive
  • How does the story affect people
  • News can’t promote products or brands

Lexi Mills – Secret Weapons Of Successful Content And Outreach

  • Google trends and trends map for ideas
  • Think of a idea linking the company to what people are talking about
  • Use ‘On This Day’ on BBC for ideas

Paul Madden – How To Spot A Sh***y Link

  • Bad link profile
  • High anchor text
  • Sitewides
  • Links are 404
  • New software called Link Risk checks links on website for poor links

Session Three

Danielle Fudge – Link Building Death Match: A Scientific Test Of What Tactics Work

  • Black Hat does work but only for short term goal
  • Study competitors link building methods

Neil Walker – Scaleable Post Penguin Link Building

  • Local search directories are good
  • Get links from Sponsorship, good content, PR
  • Editorials are no longer because of InterFlora
  • Make content shareable

Matt Roberts – Building A Plan To Integrate Search, Social, Content & PR

  • What is the best page for the query
  • Create content and get it to people
  • Content, pr, search, social, creative teams should work together

Kevin Gibbons

  • Tell brand stories to the target audience
  • Use social channels to find the audience like Zemanta, Stumble upon Reddit and Pinterest

Lighting Talks

Marcus Taylor – Case Study: Combining CRO, viral mechanics and unconventional business practice to boost online sales

  • Find out what traffic sources you sales are coming from
  • Live chat and add the questions to FAQ page
  • Accept brutal feedback
  • Good heading to interact with the user
  • Make the buyer share the item on social

Alan Ferguson – Why is it important to pay attention to your internal search?

  • Track your Search box
  • Have the search words speak like the user
  • You can then improve navigation by how people are searching
  • Have related searched

Julia Logan – Negative SEO: Myths and Reality

  • Look at the revised Google webmaster guidelines
  • Negative SEO does happen
  • Duplicate search box problem on Word Press

Matthew Hendry – How to Turn Your Ideas in to Innovation

  • He gave a slightly different twist on the presentation in which he used a video of himself and simulated a conversation with himself.
  • 5 generations of innovation, in SEO we are currently stuck in the second generation suggesting that we have a long way to progress.

Shaun Walsh – Scouting for Social Media influencers

  • Get relationships with bloggers
  • Some will want money or just don’t want too
  • Check out fashion bloggers on fashion awards
  • Make it useful to the blogger. What are they getting from it
  • If you see a problem with the blog let them know to make it better
  • Be honest and transparent

Pak Hou Chueng – Content outreach looking beyond the link

  • Make sure the links add value
  • Bing and Google rank differently

Jennifer Begg – Getting that Community Feeling

  • Facebook and twitter helpful to build communities
  • Google+ community useful

Hope you have found our SEO notes useful and if you would like a more complete list visit Wordtracker for their 50 best tips.