Camloc - Engineering Company

The Brief was Set
At the start of the campaign Camloc had no search presence on or and our goal was to give them a search presence. Also giving them some brand awareness.

Our Solution
The way we wanted to achieve these results was by focusing on specific areas at a time instead of working on all areas of the website all at once. With an active blog and social media campaign supporting the SEO work we was able to build a brand online for Camloc in which they never had before.

The Result
In a space of a couple months we had them ranking on page one for the main search term in the UK of ‘Gas Springs’. After a few months all of the keywords was ranking well on Once this happened we then changed our SEO strategy to focus on gaining search presence in the USA to bring International traffic to the website. This is a challenge we passed with flying colours. In a space of a year Camloc went from no search presence to having National and International traffic coming to the website in a abdudance.?