The Garden Lighting Shop

The Brief was Set
When this client came to us in January 2014 he had been doing well at the beginning of 2013 but suffered due to the Penguin update and he lost his rankings and traffic overnight. His current SEO Company was getting no joy in moving his rankings back to where they were so he moved to us.

Our Solution
In the very early stages we knew Garden Lighting and Garden Lights was high priority so started with these first. In the first month we moved Garden Lighting to page 2 and it has moved forward ever since to middle of page one.

The work we did on this was getting his technical side of his website correct with optimised and unique Meta titles and Meta descriptions.

We re wrote all content for our landing pages and started a very active social media campaign involving Twitter and Facebook.?

The Result

Keyword Start of Campaign - February Current - July
Garden Lighting 98 (Page 10) 8 (Page 1)
Garden Lights 111 (Page 12) 22 (Page 3)
Designer Outdoor Lighting Not in Top 20 Pages 17 (Page 2)
12V Garden Lights Not in Top 20 Pages 7 (Page 1)
Low Voltage Garden Lighting 17 (Page 2) 9 (Page 1)
Plug and Play Garden Lighting 16 (Page 2) 6 (Page 1)

Traffic via Google Organic is up +200.78%