Facts About Nottingham

Nottingham is a beautiful city in the midlands, often best known for its association with the Robin Hood legend. However, that is only one of the interesting things about Nottingham as it has a rich history and plenty of great cultural attractions to visit.

Nottingham has given the world many notable celebrities and historical figures including renowned poet Lord Byron, clothes designer Paul Smith, musician Jake Bugg, and many more. It was even the home of John Peake, a British railway manager who invented traffic lights back in 1866.

The list of Nottingham attractions worth visiting is very long too. The Old Market Square is the largest public space of its kind anywhere in England and from here, you are only a short walk from notable Nottingham attractions like the Guildhall or the Neoclassical Council House. Nottingham is also home to two large theatres and at the Nottingham Playhouse, you will find the impressive Sky Mirror sculpture. Just around the corner, you will find Nottingham Speakers Corner, the first public speaking space outside of London.

The Lace Market is another historically rich area of the city, which is protected as a heritage site. The district, which was once the centre of the British lace industry, is now a bustling cultural hub with lots of shops, restaurants and boutique shops. You can book some great walking tours of this Nottingham attraction at the tourist centre.

Any trip to Nottingham isn’t complete without a visit to the castle, where you will find some great museums and art collections. But it’s the sandstone caves underneath the caste that people remember most.

These are just some of the amazing Nottingham attractions that you will find during a trip to this wonderful city.