Google Adwords Training

Google Adwords is a method of advertising your company’s site online. One way to encourage more traffic to your website is to advertise it. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great advertising method to increase traffic and build a reputation online by placing ads on search engines especially for small and new businesses.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive Google Adwords Training program that will teach you everything you need to know to run your own effective Adwords Campaign.

What is it?

By using Google Adwords an advertisement is placed with your company’s website at the top of relevant searches, encouraging more people to click through to your site. You only pay for the service when a click has been made.

You will be able to create adverts that promote your website or products. As well as understand the effectiveness of your adverts with its own built in analytics software.

This information can then be used to target certain geographical areas and certain times of the day to reach your desired audience.

What are the Benefits?

• Run your own Adwords account.
• Bring more customers to your site.
• Appear at the top of search results amongst rivals.
• Trained by an accredited Google Adwords professional.

Why Choose Us?

You will be trained under the guidance of an accredited Google Adwords professional in an effective manner.

We don’t tie you in to a contract. If you would like training and instructing on how to use Adwords successfully but want to manage your own account then we will provide all the information you need in order to do this.

If you would like to speak to us about our Google Adwords Training or any other marketing services then please give us a call on 0115 921 4636 or use our contact form.

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