Google Partner Agency

Digital marketing has morphed into an essential area of business. Therefore, you need a digital marketing partner that you can trust. With Internet Sales Drive, you get exactly that as we’re an official Google Partner.

As a member of the Google Partner scheme, you can trust us to regularly and reliably manage your campaigns to a standard that’s approved by Google. When you choose us, you pick a company that is accredited by the largest and most influential search engine in the world. Not only that, but you get access to our proven expertise and extensive experience in the digital marketing sector.

If you want to succeed online, you need a Google Partner that you know will deliver.

How Do You Gain Accreditation?

There’s no doubt that the process of gaining accreditation from the Google Partner programme is challenging. However, it’s worth it to get the badge and use the knowledge gained to help you, our customers.

By acquiring the badge, we’ve demonstrated the following.

Expertise In Digital Marketing

By staying up to date with the latest trends in the industry, we have passed the Google Ads certification test. This is the gold standard of the industry’s qualification as it proves that the holder meets the tools’ and techniques’ requirements.

Dedication To Staying Relevant

The badge isn’t for life. We have to continually study and refresh our knowledge each year to retain our certification. To do this, we stay on top of the newest developments and how they impact the World Wide Web.

A Desire To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Because we a Google Partner, we get exclusive access to their software and resources. Therefore, we can use our enhanced insight to keep you ahead of the curve too.

Proven Practices And Results

We use the highest-quality practices to produce the best results for our customers and clients. Our partnership with Google shows that they agree and validate the hard work we have been putting in for the past decade.

The Benefits Of Being A Google Partner

As a member of the programme, we have access to resources that help us to expand our areas of expertise further.

Due to the Academy on Air and Academy for Ads courses, we have developed our skills by reading case studies and analysing trends. The Rewards scheme has challenged us to think and implement exciting new ways to acquire customers and optimise campaigns to get certified. And, the Help Centre and Recommendations sections allowed us first-hand insight into problem-solving techniques.

We benefited from all of this and still do to this day because the process is rolling.

How We Can Help You

By working with an agency that’s certified by the Google Partnership programme, you don’t just get a company whose practices and results you can trust. You also get a knowledgeable and up to date digital marketer who will provide an analytic insight into your advertising plan.

With us, there are insights into brand new and unreleased trends, too. Be the first to adopt a technique that will transform the industry and your business along with it.

Finally, you get 24-hour support and won’t have to wait for answers to your questions. To discuss how we can help your business, get in touch with us today.

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