Looking for the Best Bars in Nottingham?

In the past decade, Nottingham’s face has changed quite a lot. Apart from the wonderful night scene in the Hockley area, Nottingham also plays host to some iconic bars.

If it’s one of those days when you don’t fancy drinking in the best pubs in Nottingham, then a unique bar will probably cut it. There are some unique boozers right here in Nottingham.

There a few pointers that might help illustrate why the Queen of Midlands is a city of exquisite bars:

  • In Nottingham, each bar has its own distinct atmosphere
  • Since it’s a city that loves music, there are unrivalled club nights and regular gigs
  • As far as bars and clubs go, stag dos can never run out of options If you’re after an action-packed stag weekend, here’s a look at some of Nottingham’s funky bars and clubs.


Be At One
This bar is home to some of the most stand-out cocktails, and it’s also heralded for its happy hours. And it’s highly unlikely that you’ll forget its name. Since the prices are quite within the range, Be At One is the perfect place for fun-filled nights.

Brewhouse & Kitchen
Located at the Trent Bridge near West Bridgford location, revellers are often spoilt for choice because there are more than 50 craft beers. Besides, Brewhouse & Kitchen is one of best bars Nottingham can offer because it affords its customers the luxury of expert brewing masterclasses. If you’re a beer lover, Brewhouse & Kitchen is your go-to-guy.

MOJO is a haven for killer cocktails, stellar rum selection, and neon lights. It’s on the swankiest places in Nottingham where you can have a drink or two. Nottingham can never fail to excite, especially if you’re hell-bent on going out for a pint. The good thing is you can never run out of options. In any event, there are plenty of posh bars that will make you feel like you’re not in Nottingham.