Google Analytics

Nothing will prepare your brand better for having success than having some real insight and analysis that is driven by data. The data could help you to better see how a certain campaign ran, or can help you to dive a little deeper into your customer’s journey, and these things can help you with some decisions that you make. So as a result, taking some time and money to invest in web analytics for your business, is pretty essential for a digital marketer. So as a small business, looking to build some solutions to your analytics, can help how you interpret your data, which can prove effective for your business.


Google Analytics is something that is very important as part of your digital marketing. It is something that is definitely underused by a lot of businesses, so why should you make an effort with it? Google Analytics helps you to measure how effective certain campaigns have been, and to measure that in real time. You can then compare the information and the data, so you can see where your marketing budget should be better spent.


As part of your analytics management, using Google will help you to monitor the different platforms that you use, and see what is working well and what isn’t working as well. Using this platform will help you to have all data in one place, and will make it simpler to compare how all of the channels are running. Plus, if you are a business that is putting quite a bit of money into your social media or digital marketing, then using analytics is a great way to measure what kind of return you are getting as a result. As an example, with a business website, you will want to monitor your bounce rate. If it is a bounce rate that is really high, then you can make changes to your website in order to have better landing pages, as well as calls-to-action that actually work.

Conversion Tracking

Google Analytics is useful because you can track how many people have visited your website, and also see where they have come from, which can be really important for your business and how you are best able to serve your customers. But not only can you monitor where they come from and how many people there are, but how many of those site visitors are going to actually convert? Google Analytics will mean that you can track when a site visitor completes an action on your site. Seeing that your traffic is actually converting is really important.


Combine Data with Your Business Goals

Google Analytics data on by itself can be something that tells you a lot about how well your website can perform. This can be something that is really helpful for your business and analytics, though you need to have a goal or aim for it all, otherwise you just have a large range of information and it won’t mean anything. So set your KPIs against the business goals that you have.