PPC Agency Nottingham

PPC Agency Nottingham

We are a trusted PPC Agency based in Nottingham. We are a Google AdWords Certified Partner, which means we are accredited by Google, have passed the necessary exams, and have a proven track record of managing Adwords campaigns.

Paid search is a form of online advertising more common referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC). It is a quick and effective way of being found on search engine results.

Our PPC campaigns are based on getting the most clicks for your budget that lead to more sales conversions.

Paid advertisement is ideal for small business or new websites that want to generate initial traffic to their site.

What is it?

Paid search involves creating adverts using search engines own software. By doing this an advert is created and placed at the top of search engines results encouraging customers to click on it. Once it has been clicked a small sum is deducted from the adverts daily budget that has been set by you.

PPC adverts are totally customisable in terms of budget, time placement and geographical location. Anyone can use these services and your money isn’t wasted – you only pay for the clicks you receive which accurately measures how effective your advertising campaign is.

If you run an e-commerce business then Google Shopping and Merchant Center are worth investing in too. By using PPC adverts for your products, customers are more likely to find your products increasing your conversion rates.

What are the Benefits?

• Appear at the top of search engine results immediately.
• Advertise your products amongst your competition.
• Effectively review and revise your adverts with analytics.
• Management with ISD frees up your time so you can focus on your business.

Why Choose Us?

We are a Google Partner
We are recognised by Google for our quality of work and we have Google accreditations to back this up.

You won’t be left in the dark
Based in the middle of the country in Nottingham, we make ourselves accessible to our clients for face to face meetings but can always be reached by phone and email. We send monthly reports which details what we have done that month and more importantly how your campaign is progression.

If you would like PPC Agency Nottingham to sort your adwords then please give us a call on 0115 921 4636 or use our contact form.

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