PPC Audit Audit

If you're already using Google Adwords and don't feel like you're getting the value you need from it, a Google Adwords audit would be a great place to start.



What will a Google AdWords audit look at?

We will analyse your account to find ways to improve its efficiency. We will check things such as:

  • The account structure
  • The use of keywords
  • Any exclusions
  • Any location targeting
  • Any time of day targeting
  • How your Ads are structured and how the copy can be improved

An audit will help show you how to use your Adwords account to its maximum potential by showing you areas which can be improved on, so you can be aware of any areas which need attention and fix them.

How ISD can help

Although it can take only a matter of minutes to set up an Adwords account, without managing the account properly, it is likely that money will be spent inefficiently and the performance of AdWords will not be as good as it should be. This is where ISD comes in.

By auditing your Google AdWords account we will be able to demonstrate what needs to be done in order to focus on a more relevant audience, and thus increasing traffic to your campaigns. Ultimately we will aim to improve the number of sales or leads driven by your campaigns and drive a healthy ROI for your business.