Ecommerce SEO Nottingham

More Traffic, More Sales: The Essence Of Ecommerce SEO

Chances are you made your last purchase online, just like millions of other people. In fact, eCommerce is big business. Therefore smart business owners will want to embrace selling on this platform. However, selling online is more than just going live with a product description. In fact, effective SEO is also needed to drive customers to the products you have on offer.

Why you need SEO for eCommerce

Therefore, SEO is an essential part of any eCommerce business. This is because customers cannot buy your products if they either don't know that they or there or can't find the item they need. However, with millions of eCommerce stores, making sure your products get in front of the right people every time they make a search can be tricky.

Of course, you can significantly increase the opportunity of doing this if you use techniques that will result in higher SERPs. Which is what eCommerce SEO is and what we specialize in here at ISD Ecommerce SEO Nottingham.

Ecommerce SEO services we can offer to boost your sales.


First of all, to improve your eCommerce SEO, we will gather and analyze data. A task that will inform us of the points and processes on your site that are working well, and enable us to find the ones that need improvement.

We will then use this to boost the ability of your site and the products it contains to be found by the search engine bots, and so improve their rank.


Titles, tags, and keywords

One of the most essential parts of effective eCommerce for SEO are the tags, keywords, and titles that you use. In fact, including the right anchors in your product descriptions and product categories can help your business's listing be ranked above anyone else.

Of course, here at ISD, we know that keywords need to be researched and chosen carefully. In fact, we can work with your business to identify the best local or long-tail keywords for a more conversational style. Something that can help your business stay ahead of Google's algorithm trends, and even help to optimize your products for voice search.


Dealing with attrition

In eCommerce, getting people to your site is always good news. However, maximising the chance that they will make a purchase is also a critical part of success for any eCommerce business.

What that means is monitoring and dealing with attrition is another vital aspect of good eCommerce SEO. Happily, here at ISD, we can use analytics to help us locate where customers are dropping off. Something that, in turn, will allow us to come up with a much better strategy for taking them from interested site visitors to money paying customers.


UX and UI

The experience that your customers have when visiting your site are also crucially important when it comes to maximizing sales. In fact, if your user interface or the design of your website is poor, your customers will show their dissatisfaction and frustration by going elsewhere. To that end, we can help you make their entire visit as smooth as possible. Thus minimising any barriers that may prevent them from making that all-important purchase.