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Social Media is now a big part of search so here at ISD we advise that having a Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts is a must and have a link to these on your website is an important way to connect to your customers.

Publishing content on social media sites with a relevant link to the site will boost exposure, promote your brand and attract new traffic from these sources which you may be missing out on.

Your followers can go from customers to endorsements of your website and brand in an instant. Successful management of social profiles will allow you to interact with your customers, clients and future buyers.

Blogging is also considered as a social media platform and a great way to generate interest in your company’s field and create extra online content.

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What is it?

Social Media is collective term for websites and platforms that encourage interaction with each other. Initially created for individuals to meet and share information, it is now common for businesses and companies to also have a profile or page to take part.

Using these platforms is a great way to interact with your customers whether you want to share facts, tips, advice or images with them to generate discussion.

Customers and clients also find social media a handy way to get in touch with your company. Whether it’s to leave a review, to ask a question or whatever they want to share, we advise that you make time to reply so they know their voice has been heard.

Updating your feeds and pages often encourages interaction and shows the world that you are active online increasing your online presence and branding. We can update your statuses and pages with up-to-date information and create interest in your company by creating shareable content.

What are the Benefits?

  • Appear part of the online community
  • Increase accessibility to customers
  • Generate interest in your company
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Track progress of engagement

Why Choose Us?

We’re no strangers to social media and we understand what the most effective posts are.

We can create engaging images and banners that are great for sharing online and regularly get in contact so that we can share your latest news and developments with your online following.

You won’t be left in the dark.
Based in the middle of the country in Nottingham, we make ourselves accessible to our clients for face to face meetings but can always be reached by phone and email.

If you would like to speak to us about our Social Media services then please give us a call on 0115 921 4636 or use our contact form.

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