3 eCommerce Product Photography Tips


Everybody wants a product that ‘looks as good as the photo’. Ever since we were children, we saw photos of things we liked and hoped the real thing would be just like that. Maybe it's because we wanted our happy meals to look identical to the one the kid in the drive-through poster was eating. Who knows, anyway, let's focus on what makes an ecommerce product look it's absolute best so more customers will be enticed to click and head to the checkout. These are some handy photography tips for your ecommerce website.

All the angles

Customers are growingly becoming frustrated when they cannot view the product they want from multiple if not, all the angles. It kind of feels like you’re being conned or that the brand isn’t being honest. Haven’t you ever thought ‘why couldn’t they take more than the front and back pictures?’ for a product? The solution is to offer 360-degree imagery of your products. This creates a virtual experience of being able to walk around the product or pick it up and move it. Look for marketing companies that can do this for you or perhaps use a product like the Ortery Photosimile 200. This will show every aspect of the product, so customers can take in the lines, shape, size, and design without feeling cheated.

Clear the way

For the love of everything that is good and proper, make sure your background is clear! The product is the only thing customers want to look at, not what is behind it. This is why you need to invest in plain and or clean but dull background designs. It's also vital that you don’t have a product that melts into the background. For example, never put a white dress shirt on a white background. Customers want to see the sharpness of the white, the shape of the collar, and the stitching. It's not to say you need to put that white dress shirt against a black background. Contrasting the product is essential but there is a limit. A middle-of-the-road background is the best option, such as baby blue or grey.

Life in motion

Having a product sitting on its own in front of a background is so last decade. For goodness sake, make sure your product is in use. If you sell chocolate bars, take a picture of someone taking a bite of it. If you sell shoes, take a picture of someone wearing them. If you are selling chewing gum, you can have someone holding the product up against their whiter teeth. It should be common sense but so many companies think they need to be neat and tidy and just let the product sell itself in their amazing photographs. Ecommerce products have to be shown in motion, being used and therefore allow customers to imagine themselves using it.


It should be common practice to take 360-degree photographs of all products you sell on your ecommerce website. You must remember to not have backgrounds that clash with your products. And always remember to hire a model or two, to show your product in use.