4 Key Benefits of Using Hubspot with Shopify


For small businesses and entrepreneurs, an ecommerce platform like Shopify is a godsend. It's a great platform that is extremely modular and can be customized to a great deal. It's also far more cost-effective than many other options for companies that simply don’t have the funds to design, start, and run their own ecommerce website. For a business just starting out, you could look for lots of different ecommerce platforms to sell your products on. However, marketing is perhaps more important than the platform itself. Consumers aren’t picky regarding the type of website design and layout you’re utilizing. They’re more concerned with whether your products are right for them. Working with a specialist marketing brand like HubSpot can win you half the battle.

Filtering the best and worst

The sales and marketing team in large companies sit down together, along with the website designers, to figure out what is working and what isn’t. They discuss what channels are proving to be more successful than others and why. Long and drawn-out conversations are had and many small business owners can only dream of having such expertise on their side.


However, with HubSpot, you can see what products are proving to be the consumers’ favorites and why. It could be the quality of the photography, as more people click on the product images to get a closer look before buying. It could also be the quality of your segmentation of various products. You have split one type of product you sell into a better group, with more tags and filter options to choose from. With HubSpot as your marketing hub, you can spot which techniques work with the different buyer personas and what other techniques you could leverage to increase this.


A focussed micro-manage approach

With HubSpot, you have access to some fantastic tools. Integrating your Shopify ecommerce website with these tools will allow you to track visitors and watch how they interact with your website. Do they hover or stay in one part of the website more? Maybe it's because of certain products or perhaps it could be because of keywords they’re looking for in descriptions of products. HubSpot’s tools allow you to focus on customers with a purchasing history by giving them personalized messages, they’re more likely to respond than the broad marketing approach you use as standard.

The dread of ineffective checkouts

Approximately two-thirds of shoppers abandon their carts online, with products they were interested in not being purchased in the end. This is something that every business dreads but tends to find it very difficult to figure out the reasons and how to stop it. With HubSpot being firmly integrated into your Shopify website, you can remind customers to complete their purchase with a simpler, quicker, one-click purchase. Although at first, this might seem pushy, it actually decreases carts being abandoned by 21%.


You can also send email reminders to customers who have signed up to your website for an account or email marketing list. If they have products still left in their cart, HubSpot can be used to automatically remind customers they need to complete their purchase. You can also send emails that warn customers of the amount of stock left in the product that they put in their cart. This is a subtle but effective call to action.


Retaining customers with rewards

Any business that doesn’t have some kind of loyalty system is begging to lose their customers over time. It's within your best interest to use HubSpot to create a customer loyalty scheme and therefore, foster repeat purchasing. This can be done by using follow-up strategies with customers that have purchased. Asking customers to leave reviews of their experience with your customer service, as well as product reviews will start the ball rolling. You will also be interested to know HubSpot can be used to study purchasing behavior, so you can present to customers the types of products they’re more likely to purchase. Nurturing this relationship between you and customers takes time but more importantly, avid persistence. Track and monitor what your customers are doing to give them more of what they like.


HubSpot’s customer relations management software is completely free. You can store up to 1 million leads, which is something small businesses and entrepreneurs should be jumping at the chance to take advantage of. HubSpot integration into your Shopify website is easier than you think and brings along so many benefits. Chief among them is the excellent option for greatly decreasing cart abandonment by 21% and being shown which area of your ecommerce website is working best.