5 Ways To Increase AdWords Conversions


If you thought just buying AdWords was going to make your marketing campaign more successful, you might be in for a shock. As ever with modern marketing strategies, AdWords needs you to incorporate it fully into your business. Far too often companies think they can use the keywords they bought, however, they like. It's not a done deal just because you’ve managed to snag the best keyword that’s popular right now. Here’s how to melt the AdWords you use, into your website for better adwords conversions.

Be disciplined with webforms

Put yourself into the mind of the average consumer. You’re searching for something generic such as ‘peanut butter’. This is usually when you’re searching for a product of a particular kind, but you don’t quite know what exact product. In other words, you’re just browsing but you’re willing to buy something if you find what you want. You don’t want to tick these customers off because they don’t want to be disturbed by webforms asking them for their email address. It's tempting, but if they have clicked on your ad with the generic keyword in it, chances are they just want to keep looking and not waste time filling out forms. Only use web forms for specific keyword searches such as ‘smooth peanut butter organic’.

Calling and location-friendly

By using some ad extensions, you can hit a broader base of customers at once, with the same keyword. Location extensions make the most sense because they will be targeting different people in different places, extending your reach and scope. This works perfectly for people who are browsing on their mobile phones, with the location setting turned on. Call extensions will make your business contact phone number readily available so customers can call you to find out more. This can sometimes improve click rates by almost up to 10%.

Use a callout extension

Callout extensions give you an incredibly underrated benefit. Use this extension to display more about your business such as when you were established if you have a prestigious history, any kind of special offers you have, and what types of products you specialize in.

Something for nothing

When you have won the bid for a keyword or search term, you have to be of the mindset that you won’t have it for too long. You also want to make sure that you are making more than what is needed to break even, so you have to think outside the box and be ambitious. When you are creating your PPC ads, try to offer something for nothing. Offer customers a discount, show them a unique sales opportunity, or better yet, give them something for nothing in the way of a free ebook or guide on the product you’re selling. It's clever to offer a free ‘overcoat guide’ if you are selling winter overcoats of many different styles.

Good content

Utilize the keywords and key phrases in your blog post titles and content. It's a good idea to write high-quality content that has both generic keywords and long-tail keywords. Knowledgeable content that is both beginner and advanced-friendly will grab a wider audience. Talk about the cheap and generic products you sell and the more nuanced and specific products you sell for the enthusiastic customer.