Achieving ROI on Google Adwords

Paul Baguley

If you love AdWords, it is possible that you are always looking for higher rates of return. There are numerous ways you can achieve this and we will share our expertise to help you improve your AdWords performance.

Why it is Important to Have an AdWords Account Setup Correctly

The most important way to increase your ROI involves raising the score of your account’s average keyword quality. For you to succeed in AdWords, you need to get all the necessary ingredients. There is a direct connection between the quality score and cost per lead metrics. To implement the correct structure into your AdWords account, consider it as a tree where hierarchy is involved.

If you are creating your account for the first time, there are various things that need to be implemented, including a campaign, keywords and ad group. Ensure you make more than one campaign, ad group, but use few keywords as this is the correct account structure. Creating many keywords in a single ad group means that your account will not succeed.

Another benefit is that you need to make sure that the ad being shown matches the query that the user typed. This means that having too many keywords will not yield relevant results to the search query, which will translate to fewer clicks. Also, another great reason is for budgeting purposes. When you adopt a good account structure, you will be in a better position to strategically allocate a budget and thus, balance everything in your business.

Importance of Optimising the Account

The most robust ad platform you will get around is the Google AdWords. However, it could do more harm than good to your return on investment. Therefore, you need to optimise your campaigns by narrowing their focus. You can achieve this by improving keywords, mobile, location, taking advantage of the opportunities tab and using Google Analytics. These five points will help you optimise your account.

Another way to optimise your account is by using automated extensions. Google recommends that you permit automatically add ad extensions. According to them, these extensions help in expanding the ad real estate, which improves its performance when utilised in the right manner. You can also optimise your account by adding location options. These help you include or keep people out based on their physical location or places they have interest in.

Reviewing the Data and Achieve the Results

It can be an overwhelming task to review your AdWords performance. This is because there are numerous metrics that you need to understand and data to be sorted. You will also receive the performance results in real time. The data reports will help you keep track of your campaigns so that you can go on with what works and drop what doesn’t so that your budget does not go overboard.

Reducing Cost Per Click and Cost Per Conversion

To reach new customers, you need pay-per-click (PPC) ads. These also allow you to still have full control over your budget. AdWords can help you target specific users with your ads and keywords. This way, you will end up with higher ROI than when using a traditional marketing strategy.

The best way to achieve this is by monitoring your cost per conversion and ensuring you lower it. Running PPC ads will help you see the number of clicks they generated, total budget spent and cost per click. A conversion tracking process can help you see the number of clicks that led to conversions. This helps you to divide the total amount you spent using the number of conversions to determine the cost of each new lead.


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