Attract Stage

Paul Baguley

Our last blog post was a general overview of what inbound marketing is and the stages that make up the process. Today we are going to talk to you about the very first stage of inbound marketing which is the attract stage.

The attract stage is the stage where you get your business/website out to your target audience. This is getting quality traffic to the site and not just any type of traffic. What I mean by this is that the traffic coming to the site is the audience that would find your website/business appealing as it is some that interests them or need.

To attract the right audience to your website use four methods which are:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Pages
  • Social Publishing


Having an active blog on your website is the single best way to bring new users to your website. Blogging is the starting process of Inbound Marketing. The idea of a blog is to answer your target audience questions that they are searching for online and bring them to your website. By creating this educational content helps get the right prospective customers to your site and then the content of the blog's speaks to them and answers their questions. By bringing your target audience to your site via your blog posts gives you the opportunity to then take your audience on a journey through your website leading them to their and your end goal.


SEO is the process of getting your site found on search engines such as Google via search terms that your target audience is searching for. This is where your potential customers start their buying process by searching online to find an answer to their questions. To get your website found on Google and other search engines you need to select correct search terms, optimise your web pages, and create interacting and knowledgeable content and build high quality and relevant links around the terms your potential buyers are searching for.


Your web pages are your shop window this is the first contact you will have with your potential customer so you need to stand out. You need to optimise your website so that is appeals to your ideal customers such as good images and an enticing first paragraph. Your website needs to be a beacon of useful content to intrigue the right buyers to visit your pages.

Social Publishing

Having a successful attraction stage relies on remarkable useful content and the sharing of this content on social media. With social media you need share this valuable information from your blogging to your potential customers. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram gives you the opportunity to interact with your prospects and gives your brand a human feeling. Posting on these platforms is important to have the right tone and voice that your website has so you are putting out the right brand message.


These four methods are the important factors of the attract stage of inbound marketing and hopefully gives you more idea of how your website should be performing and how you can engage with your target audience. The next blog post will be looking at the convert stage giving you the idea how to take your audience on the next step of Inbound Marketing.

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