Close Stage

Paul Baguley

If you are reading this then you have managed to attract the right visitors and have converted them to leads. You are doing well give yourself a pat on the back!! The next step is now transforming these leads into customers. To effectively accomplish this step you need certain marketing tools that you can use to close the right leads at the right time.

The tools include:


The term CRM stands for Customer relationship management which gives you the ability to track the details of all your contacts, companies, and deals in the pipeline. The main advantage of a CRM system is the capacity to easily get in touch with the right leads at the right time. This is a powerful sales tool as it gives you the right information to better engage with your leads across every channel.


This tool gives you the facility to know which marketing effort is working the best or the worse. With reporting you can make educated decisions as you have the correct data and you can decide how to effectively to close the right leads into customers. This is an important tool for your marketing and sales team.

Email Marketing

The reason on the previous post we mentioned that at the bare minimum was to obtain an email address from a lead is so you can target them via email marketing. A visitor has clicked on the Call-to-Action, filled in the form and downloaded the content but haven't became a customer, you can now target them with emails that they would relate too. The plan is that you can send them useful, relevant content to build trust with the lead and then when they are ready become a customer.


The above tools give you the information about your leads so you can then make them customers. By having this information gives you the data about your leads so you can use email marketing to interact and bring your lead back to your website to close.

The next blog post will be looking at the delight stage giving you the idea how to make your customers, customers for life.

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