Convert Stage

Paul Baguley

We have given you the details regarding the first stage of Inbound Marketing which is the attract stage now we are going to go through the methods of the second stage which is convert.

With your blogging, SEO and social publishing you have attracted your potential buyers to your website. Good job!! Now you have these visitors on your website you now need to convert these visitors into leads by gathering their contact details. The contact information your require is name, contact number but the bare minimum is their email address. For your visitor to offer up the information to you, you need to offer them something in return. This comes in form of content such as whitepapers, tips, eBooks or anything else that your customer would be interested in and find valuable to them.

The most important tools on your website to convert these potential customers into leads are:


These buttons or links are to encourage your visitors to take action that why they are called Calls-to-Action. The actions could be ‘Download this eBook’ or ‘Sign up to Webinar’. If you don't have enough Calls-to-Actions or they aren't inviting the visitors to click them you won't generate leads.


For you to get the information from your visitors and become a lead they must fill in a form. The plan with the form is to make it easy as possible for the user so they can make the next step of the process and submit the information correctly.

Landing Pages

Once the visitor has clicked the Calls-to-Action, they are then sent to a landing page. The responsibility of the landing page is where the offer of the Calls-to-Action is fulfilled and where the prospect submits the information of the contact details. The ideal landing page is a simplified web page which consists of an image, text description and a form. This way the user can’t be distracted and can move into the next step of the process.


Once you have the data of the user make sure you add them to a database so you can monitor each interaction with the user in the future. Gathering this information through email, landing page and social media gives you the ability to provide useful information to the user for future products or services.


These are the processes of the convert stage of inbound marketing and hopefully give you more of an idea of how your website should be converting your customers and how to get their information. The next blog post will be looking at the close stage giving you the idea how to take your leads and make them customers.

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