Do's and Don'ts on Facebook

Luke Ramshall

Pushing your business online is always a big part of getting your business out there. In this blog we will essentially be telling what to do, and what not to do in regards to your business marketing on Facebook.

Firstly we will start off with the don’ts and what you shouldn’t do regarding Facebook and your business.

Don’t leave your company’s about section blank

The about section is located underneath your profile picture and is one of the first things a user will look at when visiting your page. Make sure yours is descriptive, honest, not to boastful but true to what your company stands for.

Don’t use a dummy account

Dummy accounts violate Facebook’s terms and conditions. To avoid post publishing mishaps, set up different publishing settings for different employees on your page.

Don’t post too often

Companies with fewer than 10,000 Facebook followers receive 60% fewer interactions per post when they post 60+ times per month. Don’t overwhelm your customers by posting more than a few times a day. Spend this time crafting and planning higher quality Facebook posts.

Don’t forget about multimedia posts

Your content can generate up to around 94% more views if you add more visual elements and graphics. Use of visual content in Facebook campaigns generates 65% more engagement after only a month.

Finally, here’s are the things you should do with your business on Facebook ?

Do use a recognisable profile picture

Being recognisable is important for getting found and liked. It is the first thing people see and is used as a logo for your thumbnail and branding.

Do coordinate your cover photo

Make sure your cover photo is coordinated with your profile pictures and your media to stick with a colour scheme, and overall branding of your company.

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