Ecommerce SEO in 2016

Paul Baguley

The benefits of SEO to an ecommerce website are huge with the idea of increasing traffic levels to the website and bringing more revenue from the site.

With Search engine optimisation it is always changing so new ideas and techniques develop on a regular basis and it is important as an ecommerce webmaster you react to these changes to keep ahead of your competition.

Here is a list of tips you should be doing in 2016:

Longer content is important

The usual format on a product page would be title, images, small description and reviews of the product. Due to user demand and Google we now have to be able provide more content on the product page. Providing more content for the user on your product pages gives you the chance to have long-tail and conversational phrases which can assist you for more relevant search engines results. Having this extra content can give you the edge of your competitor that may be offering the same or similar product.

Social sharing

Social media has been popular now for many years but it is still a growing marketing channel for many businesses. With the ever popular platforms of Facebook and Twitter still being great for marketing we have had new platforms like Instagram and Snapchat being major hits with the younger generation.

One of the best ways to improve inbound links and social signals is to encourage social sharing throughout your website with your target audience.

The aim is here is to get your users sharing products, reviews, images of their journey from the buying process. Keeping your audience engaged with your brand/website can only help you enjoy success on search engines and social media channels.

Video content

Videos are a must for any website that wants to interact with its audience. With mobile devices, Wi-Fi and video sharing become more advanced it has created a higher demand for videos. On your site you need to have product videos and blog posts with videos to make you stand out from your competitors.

Being mobile

Having a mobile friendly website is essential for any website nowadays but we are now moving into an area of mobile optimisation where you are optimising the layout of the site and content for the mobile user. Making sure you have the right content appearing in the right place and time for your mobile audience is imperative.

Local results

Local SEO has had many developments over recent years mostly due to the rise of mobile. Not many e-commerce websites do local SEO as they are after that wider national audience but having a targeted local campaign can be very rewarding. Offering your products to a smaller but local audience can give you an edge over competitors with a high reward.


Make sure that your ecommerce website is doing these topics above to keep your campaign relevant and visible to your audience. SEO has a major effect on your business growth so make sure you have put a budget to one side to accommodate this work.

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