email marketing is alive

Jordana Makin

With such a large focus placed on content marketing and social media it seems like many people think that email marketing is a method best left in the past.. but this simply isn’t so.

Emails have a higher click through rate than any social media platform

This is all you need to know as to why you should be doing email marketing. Admittedly, I first thought there was no way this could be accurate, but when considering my own online behaviour I realised that I undeniably click through on emails more than social media. Unlike social media, email marketing ensures that at the very least the intended reader receives the message.

Who Should Have Email Marketing?

Essentially if you have things you want to be telling your customers and clients then you should have email marketing. We think this applies to the vast majority of businesses - especially ecommerce.

Any company can send out a newsletter telling its subscribers of the most recent news in the industry or in the office, as well as getting an opportunity to promote their most recent blog posts.

Essentially it’s the foundation of any email campaign as it’s a universal component. Try to use your email as a way of further your relationship with the receiver by adding something personal and not pitching sales.


Go back to your inbox or promotions inbox and now have a look to see how many of the emails are from online shops. I’d say 85% of my promotional emails are from shops. There are many reasons why you can’t seem to buy anything online without logging in or becoming a member first and this is just one of them.

“e-mails prompt purchases is not only estimated to be at least three times that of social media, but the average order value is also 17 percent higher"

There are more options available in terms of topic for ecommerce, anything from sending someone a birthday discount to chasing up abandoned shopping baskets. Send your customers your latest deals, style guides, offers, new products, events and sales information, ask to submit a review... the possibilities are endless.

For emails it’s all about the title unlike social media, emails are more visible and what’s going to make someone open it is the exciting title.

Wow! 30% off for this week only!

This is our August newsletter from blah

For a start, not only is the latter incredibly mundane but it doesn’t tell the reader anything they couldn’t figure out already. Emails with a subject line length between 6 – 10 words have an open rate of 21% which is worth keeping in mind.


Knowing what works for your client base is not a simple collection but a long process of trial and error. When’s the best time of day to send the email? Which day is the best? What do they want to read about?

It requires a lot of time and patience and that’s where we can help you. Whether it’s the first time you’ve thought about email marketing or you’ve struggled to find the right formula that works for you in the past, we aim to get it right.

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Email marketing strategy

Go to your inbox now and count how many emails you have received from businesses - Google Mail made this even easier to do by separating promotions and social emails from your inbox. How many of these do you regularly open?

Two of us here in the office are competing in the Robin Hood Half Marathon and we receive a weekly newsletter email with tips, advice and a not so pleasant reminder of how soon it is, but it is really helpful.