If Musicians Were an SEO Team

Jen Mulligan

You may be looking at this title and thinking what on earth are they talking about and you would certainly be forgiven for thinking that, however seeing as it is Monday we thought we would have a little fun in the office to make things a little easier and started thinking about which musicians would play which role in an SEO team (of course for this we must pretend that the chosen musicians know all there is to know about SEO).

It wasn’t an easy decision, in fact it was much more difficult than we originally expected, but here is our final list of who would make it into our ‘SEO band’.

SEO Manager

Now although our choice of SEO manager is not technically a musician, he is heavily involved in the music industry and we are certain that he is the best for the job...Simon Cowell. Some of you may be thinking that this isn’t the right choice, but there is a reason that he has so much money; he knows exactly what he is doing and is very good at it! There is no denying that he has got plenty of experience in management and plenty of success to go with it, so the team would no doubt have a lot of confidence in him he surely would have no problem motivating them.

He once said ‘My dad said to me, “work hard and be patient.” It was the best advice he ever gave me. You have to put the hours in.’ - He’s perfect for the SEO world!

Technical SEO

This was a tricky one, we were basically looking for a musician who is also a geek and we settled on Brian May. Not only did he study maths and physics at University but he also has a PHD in astrophysics and has written research papers, so we are pretty sure he would be the perfect choice for our technical SEO.

A nice quote we found from him is ‘The biggest emotion in creation is the bridge to optimism.’ We aren’t sure what this has to do with SEO, or what it actually means, but we liked it.

Content Creator

There were a lot of contenders for this position in our SEO band and unfortunately some of them are no longer with us, we wanted someone creative, a brilliant song writer and we decided who would be better than one of the greatest song writers of all time...Sir Paul McCartney! With decades of song writing under his belt and of course The Beatles we are sure that his creativity would result in endless fantastic content.

‘I think people who create and write, it actually does flow – just flows from in their head, into their hand, and they write it down. It’s simple.’ These are definitely words that we want our content creator to come out with.

Link Builder

For our link builder we wanted someone that people like, someone hard-working and someone persuasive which is actually relatively hard to find in one person, but we decided that in our SEO band we wanted Beyonce as our link builder! There can’t be many people around that don’t like Beyonce and I think it is safe to assume that when Beyonce wants something, she gets it. Her global domination proves that she is a hard worker and when it comes to link building we all know that hard work, patience and perseverance is key.

‘Spread positivity, don’t matter how big, or how small.’ Again we aren’t sure how relevant this is to SEO but we started with the quotes so we are sticking with them; plus positivity is never a bad thing.

Social Media Marketer

To keep our team a strong one we need someone who knows social media, someone who maintains a presence on social networking sites and interacts well with fellow users; Rihanna! She has almost 34 million followers on Twitter and around 80 million likes on Facebook so she must be doing something right! She doesn’t just have a high number of followers and likes but she also has a big presence on social media, constantly updating her profiles which is of course a must for all social media marketers. There was another option, Justin Bieber, who has almost 10 million more followers than Rihanna and so initially seemed like a good choice; unfortunately we had to let him go due to recent events...

‘The bottom line is that everyone thinks differently.’ – We like that Rihanna understands this, so are very happy to have her in our SEO band.

Customer Support

The final member of our team had to be a charmer, a people person, so surely one of the most popular male musicians on the planet would make the perfect choice? Harry Styles - who better than someone who has all the ladies after him as well over 19 million followers at the tender age of 19! We feel he would be a fun-loving, outgoing and full of life, and most importantly would have the ability to be good to the customers and handle any problems that may arise. Initially we thought George Clooney was a fantastic choice for this role, until we remembered that unfortunately he is not a musician. Mick Hucknall was also suggested for this role, but we were quick to veto that idea.

Unsurprisingly a quote from Harry wasn’t particularly easy to find, but we managed to find one, so here are the wise words of 1/5 of one of the world’s biggest boy bands – ‘A dream is only a dream until you decide to make it real.’

So there we have it, if musicians were an SEO team this would be our band; a strange mix of people that’s for sure but we reckon we have ourselves a pretty strong team.

Get in touch with us using #ISDmusic and let us know who you would have in your SEO band!