most popular seo software

Paul Baguley

Recently I went to Twitter and with a little of help from other people sharing my tweet to their audiences, people were replying with the SEO software they use on a regular basis.

Personally, the ones I use the most are Screaming Frog, Raven Tools, Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) and Advanced Web Ranking. All these SEO tools do different jobs but work well together to give the right data to work from to move forward with my web marketing activities.

I have tested plenty of tools in the past and I will do in the future but for the time being, these tools can get me the answers and data I need and also on a budget which is important also.

Below are some tweets that responded and I have shared this information with you. You may recognise some names that took part and I would like to thank them also for participating in this post.

Andrew James
Dean Cruddace
Deva Singh
Dixon Jones
Gerry White
Jakub Gajdamowicz
James Allen
Jim Seward
Kate Grimason
Luca Valente
Manish Chauhan
Mark Cook
Niraj Bariya
Ruth Burr
Salman Mansuri
Steve Rendall
Tad Chef
Tony Dimmock
Umar Khan

I think the results above are very interesting and it’s good to see many SEO’s using many different software applications to go through different SEO processes.

Some great software is being created every year so it will be good to see all the new applications coming out and how these answers may change as software evolves and so does SEO/Web Marketing.

Once again I would like to thank everyone that participated and I would encourage everyone to get in touch with me via Twitter @ISD_Paul and let me know what your favourite SEO software is.