November & December Google Algorithm Updates


When it comes to Google Algorithm Updates, we've got all of the information that you require about the November & December Updates 2020/2021 in this blog! We've summarised some of the most important updates and how they could impact your business.

In December 2020 Google announced a Core Update which usually takes up to 2 weeks to roll out. The Core Updates are usually done quarterly however with the global pandemic this year it has affected everyone as the last update was in May 2020. As a Digital Marketing Agency specialising in SEO this was an update that we were waiting for, so we were ready to hit the ground running when it arrived!
Once the Core Update has taken place, it’s important to check your web analytics to see if your organic traffic has moved as sometimes the update can impact the visibility of your website. There is also a slight chance your website hasn’t been affected however its always best to check!

From May 2021 Google has decided that Page Experience Signals will need to be included in search rankings. This measures the way in which your users interact with your web page. It’s important that users get a better, trustworthy experience when they search on the platform so its time to reduce the number of banners and pop-ups you have!

Once Google had reorganised its infrastructure they have decided to bring back the Request Indexing Tool, after being removed in October 2020. There doesn't need to be any more frustration about the ongoing indexing issues, and users will be able to resubmit URLs once more.

New crawl statistics are now available on the Google Search Console. The new data now enables all site owners to have more crawl requests grouped by response codes, Googlebot type, crawl purpose and crawl file type. All website owners will be able to get more in-depth with their host status issues. This allows you to spot any worrying trends before crawling issues occur.
Google Search Central heard the negative feedback in their decision to retire the Structured Data Testing Tool and brought it back! However, it's going to be a wait, and it will be repurposed and repackaged differently.

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