What people don't understand about SEO?

Paul Baguley

Are you looking to do SEO on your website? You have heard of SEO but not quite sure how it works? You need an agency to do Search engine optimisation but don't know why you should pay? In this post we will explain what people don't know about SEO.

Search engine optimisation has many components to it and the way it is done has changed over the years due to Google algorithm updates. If Google changes so does your techniques to overcome the new ways Google rewards website in the SERPS.

With SEO there is a lot of information that people are given that is wrong or outdated to rank a page in the organic results. Here are the things people don't understand about SEO.

I can beat bigger brands

The reality of this if you are in a market that has many big name brands you are going to struggle to be on page one for that search term. For example if you are in the clothing market and wanted to be found for red jumper you are going to struggle. Google red jumper now and in the organic results you will see the brands of John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, H&M, Next, House of Fraser, ASOS, New Look and Debenhams. Is your website going to beat these brands? Of course not.

What you need to be doing is working on your brand name and build this reputation so people can start to find you by searching for your name. Another tip is to use other keywords with your main keywords making this search a long tail search term.

You can just rank well for a few keywords

You might think that to do well at SEO you need to be ranking for every search term but if you are ranking well for a few core keywords this will bring in the traffic that you require to do well. If you are a niche website or your target audience is narrow that this is ideal SEO tactic.

Getting your content found is hard

When you are creating content you need to put the time into researching keywords, audience, updating your blog and creating amazing content with attention grabbing titles. Check your competitor's pages for the content and make sure ours is better.

Listen to Google

Google comes out every so often and recommends that your website should have certain things or be doing certain things. In recent times it has been a mobile friendly website so you can be found by mobile users. Other notice was for you site to be using HTTPS making your users data more secure. These are a couple of examples but if Google is telling you then stand up and listen and it can take time to execute these notices so make sure you get them done earlier than your competitors to be winning.


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