the best inbound posts of 2013


Now that 2014 has arrived many of us are looking back at 2013 and thinking about everything that happened, whether these are personal events and memories or public ones it is still nice to reminisce!

At ISD we have decided that it would be nice to take a look back at the best posts of 2013, so here are the top 10:


With 261 points is a post from Rand Fishkin and is called ‘I Am Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz Founder/CEO, Ask Me Anything’. This was basically a Q&A session where anyone could ask him questions and hopefully receive an answer from him! It featured a range of questions from ‘What was your first job? And when was it that you realized you wanted to be in marketing?’ to ‘What tips would you give to first time public speakers?’



Next with 217 points we have ‘Please No More’ written by Joel Klettke and submitted via Dustin Verburg. This post talks about writing headlines and how important getting the right headline is, he begs that people stop using the word ultimate in their headlines and in fact that people stop writing ‘ultimate guides’ to anything; he even provides alternatives to help us out!


‘Ho Ho Ho...Pay My Invoice’ comes in third place with 201 points; this was also written by Joel Klettke and submitted via Stuart McHenry. This amusing post is a copy of the letter that Joel (a freelance writer) sent to one of his clients who had not paid him for 120 days! It is a great read and any freelancers are sure to understand where he was coming from.


At number four and with 188 points we have ‘The $100 Link Building Challenge’ by Wow Internet, submitted via victorpan. This post tells us about a challenge that he set for a few SEOs, the challenge involved creating a link building strategy based on a $100 spend per month; the post tells us what each of the people who were set the challenge managed...definitely an interesting read.


‘Best 404 Page EVER’ comes in at number 5 with 176 points; this also comes from Joel Klettke and was submitted via Zeph Snapp. This may not be a blog post or an article but it is very entertaining! It shows us what thinking outside the box can produce, in this case a very unusual but memorable 404 page. It is no ordinary 404 page, it involves a zombie’ll have to take a look to understand.


Another post with 176 points and coming in at number 6 is ‘The Most Actionable SEO Tips Ever’. This post by Steve Webb was submitted via Liam McCarthy is a great post and one that is sure to help you out somehow. For the post he has contacted some of the best SEOs in the industry and asked them ‘what is your absolute best, most actionable SEO tip?’ he has even categorised them into different areas of SEO to make it easier for us.


Coming in at number 7 with 172 points is ‘101 Lessons from five years of SEO’ written by Brian Dean and submitted via Jason Acidre. As the title suggests, this post features 101 lessons that the author has learnt from 5 years of working in SEO; a worthwhile read.


‘SEO Discussions That Need to Die’ is 8th with 157 points, written by SEO Book and submitted via Renz Joe David. In this blog post the author talks about the SEO discussions that are forever creeping back into the lives of SEOs and explains why they need to stop doing so.


Number 9 with 154 points is another Q&A, ‘I Am Avinash Kaushik, CO-Founder – Market Motive, Digital Marketing Evangelist – Google – Ask Me Anything’. Written by Avinash Kaushik and also submitted by him, this post features a variety of questions answered by him such as ‘Do you think traditional web metrics can be used effectively with mobile web and apps? I find customers use mobile devices and browsing habits to be quite different from the desktop web’ and ‘What do you see yourself doing in three to five years?’


Finally, at number 10 we have ‘101+ SEO Experts Reveal Their Favourite SEO Browser Plugins/Extensions’, this post has 153 points was produced by Blurbpoint and submitted by Chris L Dyson. This post is great if you are looking for new plugins/extensions or if you fancy a change; you may be interested to know that the results show that the favourite is the Mozbar!

We hope this has provided you with a few interesting and helpful reads, if so there are plenty more where that came from so just head to!