The Essential PPC Checklist

Paul Baguley

The world of PPC will always be a very complex place. There are so many things you need to manage, and it can quickly feel like you’re being overrun with information. The hardest part is knowing where you begin, but everything can be made so much easier when you follow a checklist.

Naturally, as a trusted PPC agency, we thought it would help if we gave you a neat little list to follow!

All of these things should be done once per week:

  • Check your search terms to ensure there are no negative keywords
  • Conduct thorough keyword research
  • Always check-up on your keyword bids and tweak them where possible
  • View GDN placement to ensure your ads aren’t on malicious sites
  • Look at the Ad Status to see if any require your immediate attention

Next, you’ve got these things to do bi-weekly:

  • Review your budgets
  • Experiment with different keyword match types
  • View the impression share metrics - paying particular attention to Search Lost IS (Budget) and Search Lost IS (Rank)

Don’t stop here, continue with these monthly checks as well:

  • Check your projections midway through each month
  • Compare Google ads stats and consider changing the worst ones with another
  • Look through your landing pages to ensure they’re still responding
  • Make sure any ad extensions are updated and working

Finally, there are a few other things you can do on a less frequent basis:

  • Track conversion data to make sure it’s accurate
  • Alter your campaign settings every three months
  • Create auction insight reports
  • Create reports that show how your ads perform on specific days or specific times during the day

Follow this checklist, and you will have greater control of your PPC campaign. If you need help with anything relating to paid search or Google ads, then feel free to get in touch with us today. We’re a highly experienced PPC agency that specialises in a proactive approach to PPC management. We’ll ensure everything runs smoothly, meaning you drive lots of targeted traffic to your site!