top 5 social bookmarking

Luke Ramshall

Whilst it may not help organic rankings directly, social bookmarking is still a great way to direct traffic from a specific target audience to your website. In this blog I will show you what social bookmarking websites I personally think are the best ones to use, populate and interact with your clients web links.


To start, I personally think that Stumbleupon is the stand out site when it comes to social bookmarking. With a lot of interactivity and the option to add your links into specific categories, this can really increase the visibility of your client’s links. When logged in from a user’s point of view, random web pages catered for your interests (which are asked for when making your account) are shown to you. You then have the option to add it your likes or ‘stumble’ and get a new random webpage. This will then in turn bring traffic to your website regarding that the user finds your link interesting. This also keeps the bounce rate down as the user can view these web pages whilst on Stumbleupon, and not actually leaving the site.


Delicious on the other hand is a very different kettle of fish. This site is used more for people to keep track of articles and news related stories that have some reference to them or the user audience. So in a social bookmarking sense, if a user likes your webpage and it targets a specific audience then they will add it to their personal bookmarks for a read over or to share them again. This again increases visibility and could potentially bring more traffic, but at a risk of making your clients bounce rate higher.


Pearltrees is very similar to Stumbleupon in that the user can interact with bookmarks whilst in the Pearltrees interface. It doesn’t let you exactly browse the link, but it shows off a preview of the webpage with a little thumbnail which will give users a good idea of whether or not they should follow the link onto the bookmarked webpage. Again in a Stumbleupon fashion, when adding a link to your profile it automatically generates an interest’s page where your web links and others will be shown. The only downside to Pearltrees is that to access more of what they offer, you will need to become a ‘premium’ member. This inevitably means forking out a monthly fee, but is still a very good way to bring visibility to a user website.


Diigo is a social bookmarking that lets users archive and highlight web pages and articles that they are interested in. With these web pages archived, they can then share these with a group of friends or people. You can also share these bookmarks within the Diigo community. Again, having a premium account has it benefits. Users without a premium account won’t have the full search tools to find other articles within the same category of links you have previously bookmarked. Yes this does take away from the visibility in which web pages can be discovered; but can still been seen by you and a wide range of users (if they have a premium account.)


Finally I’ll finish off with Reddit. With it being one of the most popular social networking websites on the internet, your links, articles and opinions can be viewed by millions of people and no extra cost. This will inevitably brings traffic and a nofollow link to you. With being able to comment on subreddits and articles, having a good interaction with a specific interest can be beneficial to your website and visibility. Where there is no real preview of what a user will be clicked on, it replaces that with the audience and interaction Reddit offers.