Top tips to get a link

Luke Ramshall

When trying to raise a websites Google ranking, there have been many ways suggested to us. The one way that in my opinion can be the most beneficial is link building. Link building builds the page authority and domain authority of the website depending on the sites you get a link from. In this blog I will advise and show which ways I think are the best techniques to build a websites back link profile.

Tip One: Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a way of storing, managing, searching and sharing links with other people. This way of link building obviously gets a link to the website but will instantly drive traffic to your website, add valuable backlinks to the site and attract users with similar tastes. Yes these links are a NoFollow but don’t let that fool you, these links still hold value in a way that people will still click on them. Especially when coming from a trusted site.

Tip Two: A Love for Lists

People love to read lists. Creating lists that are either topical to the brand or a list that is relatable is a great way to bring awareness and traffic to a website. Sites like Ranker in which ‘top tens’ are posted all the time even provide a link back to your site alongside it. Yes again this is a NoFollow but it is a great example of getting the website and branding out there.

Tip Three: Directories

When attempting to get a link on directories always make sure that it is either a related one, well known or has some sort of relatable categories. Another tip with getting a link through directories is to always look at their domain authority mainly but also their page authority as this can give off a sign just how trusted the directory is. Bear in mind, if you go for standard directories that have no relevance to the websites branding this could affect your rankings by making it look like spam.

Tip Four: Free Links

Getting free links will always be a win-win situation regarding link building. Links through sites such as Wikipedia will always bring great value as well as trust but will more than likely bring a good amount of traffic; depending on the category of choice of course.

Tip Five: Blogs

Creating blogs on a consistent basis gives you the ability to naturally attract links to your content depending on what you actually do with the link after you’ve written it. Sharing it through social media and other platforms like social bookmarking websites will bring traffic and awareness to the websites branding.