use social to promote

Eimile Kerrigan
Social Media

When you spend time researching and crafting together quality content that is both engaging and informative, it is important that you promote it effectively. As it's estimated that we spend roughly 25% of our online time on social networking sites, it makes sense to use it to promote your content. Over 80% of marketers use social media outlets to promote their content already, and this blog will give you a few tips on how you can use it successfully to promote yours.

Love at first sight...

It’s a pretty well known fact that Tweets, Facebook posts and even LinkedIn posts get a lot more engagement if they feature a picture in them. Three of the latest popular social networks - snapchat, instagram and pinterest - are based purely on the visual, so there must be something in images that attracts us. It’s very important that you use this to your advantage by using engaging, relevant and professional looking images when promoting your content. It’s also important to use them through your content, to keep your reader interested.

You had me at hello...

There really is no point spending your time scripting beautifully written content if you give it an uninteresting, lacklustre title. You need to grab people’s attention - why write something no one will be interested enough to read? Don’t settle for a boring title just because you can’t think of one straight away – sleep on it for a couple of days and one will come to you.

Can I ask you a question?

Don’t just simply post links to your content repeatedly on social media – this will not work! It’s a good idea to try and get people to engage with you by asking them direct questions, which will increase the odds of them actually clicking on your content. Questions grab attention, so it’s a good idea to try out using them in your headlines. Remember that social networking wasn’t created for businesses; it was creating for people to interact with one another. Try to stop acting like a company and start acting like a person.

Are you right for me?

New social media sites pop up all the time and they are constantly fighting for attention. While having accounts on various sites can be useful and help you to stay creative, it can be difficult to know what sites you should post your content to. All social media sites serve different purposes and cater to different audiences, so it’s very important to get familiar with the major social media platforms used by your target audience. It can be massive waste of your time to simply post content across an array on social networking sites if the kind of audience you’re trying to attract do not use them. Give attention to on the platforms that you will have the highest chance to engage with your audience.

Sum it up...

When it comes to trying to promote your content it’s obvious that social media is a powerful device, but many content marketers don’t maximise its full potential. We hope these few pointers will help you to promote your social media content, subsequently generating a lot more traffic from social media to your valuable content.