What’s New in SEO?

Paul Baguley

Staying up to date with ever-changing SEO trends is a full-time job. In 2019 we have already seen a huge shift in many SEO patterns. The internet is the primary place where customers seek goods and services and nowadays it can be difficult to establish an online presence for your own company.

Maintaining search relevancy can be achieved as long as you can adapt to the shifting environment of SEO and establishing your authority with Google

Make sure you are using keywords that give your users the most precise and helpful result; user intent optimization in 2019 is fundamental, so there is no use in stuffing random, popular keywords into your webpages if they don’t serve their purpose.

One of the latest Google algorithm updates shows that they are continually pushing towards optimizing content all over websites. Misleading and unreliable sources can have a negative effect on online searches, so this approach ensures that only the best type of content is available.

This update might be due to the rise of voice searching, with products such as Google Home and Alexa. It is estimated that almost half of searches will be done by voice by 2020, meaning that many searches will be done without a screen.

The rise in competitors will also be a huge factor as more and more businesses are coming online. It’s highly likely that businesses backed by a reputable digital marketing company will see better results.

All in all 2019 sees many changes in SEO, but one thing remains the same. Those who work hard to maintain their ranking are the ones who stay at the top.

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